Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dim Sum at Premiere Hotel Klang

heard from friend regarding a 30% discount for dim sum at Premiere Hotel Klang so I went with my family today afternoon to try it out. It's at Royal Gourmet Lower Ground Floor. ( )

2011-07-06 14.19.29
you can check out the promotion flyer here...

the dim sum range from RM7-9 average however there are a few that may cost around RM22...
here's some of the dim sum i tried...

2011-07-06 13.35.48
this is the har gau... or u can called it shrimp dumpling...

2011-07-06 13.39.22
here's the other dim sum

2011-07-06 13.39.51
chee chung fan was given generous sambal as shown above

2011-07-06 13.41.47
this is siew mai...

2011-07-06 13.43.41
2011-07-06 13.43.46
this is siew long pao...

2011-07-06 13.57.11
this is the raddish cake that cost RM7.90

finally i reach the desserts
2011-07-06 14.05.56
this is chrysanthemum jelly

2011-07-06 14.06.02
this is the mango pudding


  1. thanks for support i'm the dimsum crew member in da kitchen,but we leave there ady^^

  2. It's been a long time since i last go there... =) but it was ok lar the dim sum there...