Monday, 4 July 2011

Getting Reading for my 8D trips to Japan...

I got my airasia tickets like 1 year ago for my graduation trip with my sis... pretty reasonable at that time cost me like RM3.5k for 2 person including accommodation. I was happy with that price till i saw the aftermath japan tsunami as airasia trying to lure tourist to Japan next year with RM25.20 return flight... making me super sad //(T0T)//

went crazy a month lurking around sites/blogs/facebook checking out about Tokyo... where to eat... where to tour... what to see... //(^0^)//

wanna see how prepared am i to go to Tokyo? look at my textbook... even thicker than those studying master kua... //(>.<)// can't imagine how on earth am i gonna drag it along for 8days... //(>.>)// i mean... walking around tokyo nonstop from morning till night aint gonna be easy for sure...

here's my draft plan for my 8D trip

7th July ( Thurs )           Reach Japan 1030pm so gonna catch some zzz at the hotel
8th July ( Friday )          Joined a Yokoso Japan Tour - Mt Fuji Tour Tour
9th July ( Sat )              Tsukiji Fish Market ( Breakfast here ), Walk around Akihabara Town, try some
                                    horsemeat for lunch or so...
10th July ( Sun )           Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Koen / Park, see Cosplay Kids at JinguBashi, or the Harajuku Cosplay Bridge
11th July ( Mon )         Studio Ghibli, Shinjuku ( Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories,   
                                   Tokyo Tower )
12th July ( Tue )           Japan Disneyland entire day...
13th July ( Wed )         Asakusa ( Sensoji Temple, Nakamise Shopping Street, Asakusa Jinja Shrine )
                                   Daiba Station ( To see Rainbow Bridge,Harbour and Tokyo Waterfront )
14th July ( Thurs )       Ginza, last minute shoppings... then back to Malaysia

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