Saturday, 26 September 2015

Digi direct billing with Google Playstore whether prepaid or postpaid

Great news for those who doesnt like linking their credit cards / paypals to Google Playstore as Digi Telco has direct biling with Google Playstore whether you are prepaid or postpaid

Now you are wondering what am I talking about? Right?

Please take note that if you are a prepaid user, it would be auto deducted from your curent account balances

On the another hand, if you are a postpaid user, it would appear on your next month billing

Simple right? How to buy using Digi direct billing? It's all simple and easy steps. You may refer from my printscreen below

1st step choose the app / games / books / movies you wish to purchase. Which in my case is a ebook reader app "Mantano RM19,90"

2nd step click purchase / green button with the price which you would see this screen below

3rd step is to click the accept button then you would go to the screen below

4th step is to click continue to appear the screen below

5th step is that you can now enable the Digi billing as another payment method for your Google Playstore method

6th step is that you can now fill in the details for your Digi billing then click save

Final step - You can buy the app via Digi Billing already and the invoice will be automatically sent to your GooglePlay store email address.

This is applicable across all Google store from movies, newstands and songs besides that apps and games.

For more information regarding this Digi Billing, you can always refer to for more information.

P.S. I guess now parents gotta control the kids with postpaid with their app purchase.