Friday, 20 July 2012

Isetan KLCC Grand Opening

Today 20/7/2012 is the grand opening for Isetan KLCC. Today I received in my brochure the attractive part was...
so went today from klang at 8am... reaching klcc by 9am... park nicely and went up to the 1F outside of Isetan and behold there's already a queue and about like 20+ ladies were already queuing up already. Isetan staffs were friendly and nice as they informed us that they'll give us vouchers to redeem the free goodie bags ( which I did and can redeem as long it's before 12pm ) as they said they knew we wanted to shop around as well... behold this is the goodie bag which is worth RM80
Inside has 3 face mask, 1 Isetan notepad that's matching with the tote bags, some free samples from faceshop and a mini hand lotion from faceshop as well. These are all inside the free goodie bag for the first 300 cutomers.

After grabbing my voucher for the free goodie bag, when 10am they allowed us to go in. First thing, I rushed for the Roxy bags which was the VALUE BUYS for today only and limited units as well... 
but I got this one instead of the flowerly pattern as according to the staff the flowery pattern was not in shipment... I was abit face palmed at that moment.
and alot of ladies were screaming for the bags I mind u at that time. It was really chaotic at that time. Then there's the another Roxy bag which I wanted as well which was the
which was suppose to be 20pcs available but I didnt see any except the one and only lucky lady who managed to get this particular petite sling bag RM20 which was black colour. I guess I was abit unhappy with Isetan Roxy booth since they were suppose to give out at least 20 pcs of the petitie sling bag while there's only 1 available. while I got this instead
which was RM30 according to the salesman at the Roxy booth, although I was whiny about it since they should at least give it to us at RM20 however the salesman at the Roxy booth was adamant about it being RM30 since he said " RM20 is the smaller size and this is the bigger size so it's RM30" although I was tempted to mention that I didnt see any small petite sling bag available to any other customer anyway but thinking about it... I guess if you included all these sling bag and the big stripey roxy bag above then it's 20pcs in total but they kinda cheated us like another 20pcs since they were suppose to sell to us 40pcs in total.

Then after grabbing the Roxy bags, I rushed to 2F for Naraya ( it's a thailand brand it seems that's famous for producing fabric bags and accessories according to Wikipedia ) The Isetan Promo for Naraya was  
and it was suppose to worth RM43 ( The shoulder bag was RM33 and the comestic pouch was RM10 ). I was within the first 100 customer to purchase this great grab! There were 4 different design for the great grab but I decided to go with the bright yellow design shown in the catalog ( there's another one same design but light green and maroonish ribbon  anyway Below is the real picture~ )

Finally after grabbing the Naraya great grab, I was lurking around GF for something else... accessories... no girls had enough accessories anyway... I was tempted to look at accessories section at the middle GF right side...

lost to temptation... I bought it cause in reality it's REALLY NICE and CLASSY! and it's worth RM78 before the value buy. I adore all the charms as most of it were double sided except for the flower one. It's expendable band type and importantly it really looks GREAT on any wrist~! It's really a great buy in the end.

Finally... I was tired as I haven't had my breakfast at all so I went to Isetan Concourse for the HOKKAIDO fair... managed to grab the seafood deluxe for RM35 ( which was limited to 20 sets for these 3 days! as normal price is RM43 ) 

It was really good!! Lots of scallops, corns, and it was really yummmyyyy. Prawns were abit small and not so fresh but overall it was really a great ramen to kickstart my breakfast energyyyyyy

then I grab japanese gelato~
gelato ice cream was RM15 as normal price is RM18 for triple scoop! I recommend you try Sakura Mochi (    really special flavour ), Melon ( Japan's most expensive fruit and it was great ), and maybe Walnut, Blueberry and the famous green tea of course. I guess you all are wondering why is there a hello kitty next to the ice cream... Well if I spend RM100 from KLCC Foodmart although at the counter, Isetan staff was saying only food from the Hokkaido fair are entitled to the hello kitty handphone strap but anyway I'm entitled to the hello kitty handphone strap... here's the real pictures...
so this is the end of my trip at the Isetan KLCC Grand Opening Day on 20/7/2012

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