Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Disclaimer : This article is written without any prejudice

Today I went to Shook! at Starhill Gallery because I had RM150 vouchers curtesy of Magnum Malaysia facebook contest which expires at 31 August... At first, I had my mind on their sunday buffet brunch the shangainese one but it was pretty pricey at RM168++ excluding drinks therefore I decided to go a la carte during lunch weekday...

Then when I sit down preusing their menu, I saw a few lunch bento sets... RM65 each (excluding 10% service charge and 6% government tax) looking at their choices... decided to go for the Italian Lunch Bento and Grill Lunch Bento ( Do remember that their lunch bento are only available 12-2pm and limited sets as well )

I ordered a special appetizer "Snow White Dancing Prawns" according to the waitress was their pride and joy where everyone orders it...

It was only 5 piece of prawns and you can see it cost RM59. Overall, would I recommend this? well although the prawns were big and springy, however at this price? this portion? I doubt I would ever order it my 2nd time at Shook again because I find this appetizer very normal and not up to my expectation since I was hoping for something more spectacular?.

Let's jump to the lunch bentos... First I would show you all the Italian Lunch Bento

Overall, I really liked the soup because it was really thick of vegetable soup, the mousse for desert was really spectacular because this mousse was actually quite hard and thick unlike the normal mousse where it's kinda soft and "lembik" (or gooey?) The pasta was ok as they use the lasagna beef bologinese sauce making it kinda thick and very generous portion. The appetizers were okay from the mushroom sauce on the piece of bread, calamaris with their sauce, tomato and olive salad. I would definitely recommend this lunch bento as I find it really filling and those who are looking for heavy lunch.

Next lunch bento is the Grill Lunch Bento

Well, although this grilled lunch bento is not as heavy lunch compared to the Italian Bento, you can see the tomato soup looked like pumpkin soup with its orangey colour, well the pan seared fried fish fillet is small portion unlike the Italian Bento. However, the only wonderful thing to say about this is the apple crumble dessert which is absolutely wonderful and pretty hot to eat as well. I would recommend this lunch bento to those who are looking for a mix light heavy lunch.

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